# Fetching from the repo

You can clone Phoenix Igniter from our Git repository and merge updates at any time.

# Installing Phoenix Igniter with Git

The Git version of Phoenix Igniter allows you to easily merge in changes from newer versions whenever you like. We use GitLab for our Git hosting, so you'll need an account to clone the repository.

  1. When you created an account on phoenixigniter.com by using the Gitlab "login" button on the landing page, your account was automatically connected to your Gitlab account.

  2. Create a new repository for your Phoenix Igniter app.

Phoenix Igniter's repo is on Gitlab, but if you prefer to use GitHub or Bitbucket, you can. It's all git.

  1. Clone the Phoenix Igniter repository

Next, we will clone the Phoenix Igniter repository. Make sure to replace username/myapp with the name of the app you want.

git clone git@gitlab.com:alchemist-camp/app.git myapp

Then, we'll rename the origin remote to "igniter" so you can use origin for your own git repository.

cd myapp
git remote rename origin igniter

Once created, we can add your new repository as the origin and push our code up to it.

git remote add origin git@gitlab.com:username/myapp.git
git push -u origin master

That's it!

# Merging Updates

To merge updates from Phoenix Igniter's repository, you can merge from the igniter origin.

git fetch igniter
git merge igniter/master

Keep in mind, the further your app diverges from the template, the harder merges will be. Instead of merging from igniter, you might want to cherry pick commits or look at the new commits to igniter and see which apply to your app!

# A Warning

While the app is in alpha the commit history will be a bit wild!