Frequenly Asked Questions

How will features be implemented and updated?

Updates will work like this:

How beginner friendly will it be?

It's not very beginner friendly now, but it will become more so once I have some screencasts using it. I also plan to add a forum, but that may be a ways off.

What kind of support will be available?

I'll do what I can to help people out, especially anything that improves the experience in general. I can't promise ongoing support though, since this a one-off purchase product.

What is the price?

You can see the current price after logging in

Will there be an ability to add site licenses later?


What does “single site” mean (e.g. single seat license that can be used for unlimited applications or a single site license that can only be used on one website/sass, etc.)?

It means you can use Phoenix Igniter for one deployed application at a time. You can build unlimited toy projects with it, but publishing a second site will require a second license (or shutting down the first site).

I'll add an unlimited sites license at some point in the future but am still trying to work out pricing that makes sense since the primary consumer of such a license would be a consulting agency.

How many UI components do you have planned?

It will be less than Tailwind UI. Probably on the order of 30-50.

What are some examples of UI components you intend to provide?

Buttons, pills, forms and alerts.

Will there be generators?

I don't have any plans for generators. That was something I'd thought about originally but I realized the effort for the value is low compared to just getting one good default built.

For example, many users will probably choose either the OAuth or password-based login and remove the other option. That's a quick process.

Will you be providing/promoting options for the mailer service needed for password reset?

I use Amazon SES, but Sendgrid and Mailgun seem to be the most popular options. If there's a lot of interest in the topic, I'll make a screencast tutorial.

You say “likely LiveView once it hits 1.0” which seems uncertain. Is there a reason that it may not be included?

It really depends on the customers. A lot of people don't want to be tied into a specific SPA framework and even more have a favorite front-end setup they want to use. Unlike removing an unneeded module, removing LiveView means a full rewrite on the front-end.

If LiveView becomes the more or less "default" way that people build Phoenix apps, Igniter definitely include it. If not, I'll probably err on the side of being front-end agnostic and use something very easy to replace.